Water Rate Increase

Mancos Water Users Rate Increase for 2016

Mancos water rates will increase by $2.50/month beginning January 1, 2016. Customers will see this increase in February. The base gallons will remain at 7,000 gallons. There will be no change to water dock rates. Wastewater (sewer) collection rates remain at $36.28 per month.

Water Rates are currently (As of January 1, 2016):

Residential: $36.72

Commercial: $38.22

Churches/School/Gov’t: $37.22

Base Gallons allowed: 7,000

Overage is $2.00 per 1,000 gallons over base

Background Information About the Rate Increase

In 2014, the Board of Trustees adopted a multi-year Water Rates Plan after studying the town’s water infrastructure needs and exploring various rate models. An independent firm, RPI Consulting, conducted an analysis of the town’s water system capital projects, and the funding required to pay for those improvements.  It was determined that 2013 rates barely covered operating costs for treating and distributing water to customers, let alone paying for needed improvements to the aging system. Without a rate increase, by 2018, expenses would outpace revenues.

Increased water rates are required to fund those critical improvements and to leverage grants, loans and other outside funding.  Rather than adopting a large increase at once, staff recommended a gradual increase in rates over the next five years and a reduction in base gallons.

Recently completed and planned future water system improvements include the following:


New 430,000 water storage tank, pump house

improvements and installation of backup switch and generator

$1.1 million (completed in 2015)
Town-wide replacement of all water meters and

rebuild of 100 meter pits

$358,000 (completed in 2015)
Raw water intake improvements (head gates) est. $163,531 (proposed for 2016)
Main PRV (pressure reducing valve) Vault Rebuild est. $131,761 (proposed for 2016)
Water line replacements on south side of town est. $243,566 (proposed for 2016)


Note that all projects above are funded by a combination of town water rates, grants, and loans.