Sunset Ave. Water Main & Service Line Replacement

The installation of the main line is complete. It has been tested, chlorinated and disinfected, which completes this portion of the project.

The old lines were is such poor shape, that unforeseen shutoffs have been higher than anticipated. We apologize for the delay in this portion of the project.

We are currently working on replacing all service lines on this section of Sunset Ave. The goal is to install two service lines per day. We are making every attempt to give prior notice to each property owner when their service line comes up in the rotation. As service lines are completed, residents are encouraged to flush their lines by running their sinks for about 5 minutes.

If residents notice cloudy water, this is caused by air in the lines due to the shutdowns required to install the new infrastructure. There are no public health or safety issues, and the water is safe to drink.

Barring any further uncontrollable delays, the anticipated completion date for this project is Monday, November 18. If residents have any further questions, please contact Burt Ramsay at (970) 749-8366.

October 24, 2019