Ride the Rockies Coming to Mancos on Monday, June 14

by Heather Alvarez | June 8, 2021 9:55 am

The Colorado bicycle tour, established 1986 by the Denver Post, brings approximately 2,000 riders from around the country to participate in the six day, cross-state tour.
Ride The Rockies chooses different routes every year, and this year, riders will have a pit stop at Boyle Park in Mancos. Click HERE for this year’s route.
The cyclists will be in Boyle Park from about 8am – 3pm, with the bulk of riders coming through about 10:30am – 1:30pm. They will be traveling off of 160 to the 160 business route and then through downtown Mancos and back on to 160 towards Cortez.
Local businesses* and local nonprofits are welcome to come set up a table at Boyle Park and sell their wares such as food, art, etc. Lemonade stand fundraisers are a great hit. The Town asks that businesses/ nonprofits do not drive on the grass. Space is limited. Please contact edcoordinator@mancoscolorado.com or call (970) 533-7725 ext. 313 for approval.
*Participating businesses must hold a Town of Mancos business license.

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