Particulate Reduction

The page is dedicated to sharing information with the Mancos community about the efforts underway to address particulates from the Western Excelsior-Mancos Corporation. Check back often for updates.

The Air Pollution Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is requiring an Air Pollution Emission Notice (APEN) Construction permit and has requested a plan from the company on particulate reduction efforts. The APEN identifies point sources of air pollution, including thresholds for those sources. The permit status can be found here: APEN Permit_CDPHE

More information on APENs can be found here:
A copy of CDPHE’s response to public comments may be found here: WEC comment responses

A group of individuals representing the neighborhood, Town of Mancos staff and elected officials, Montezuma County, and Western Excelsior Corporation has been meeting since last year to move toward solutions.

Western Excelsior Updates
WEC has plans to relocate the pellet mill and has installed new duct work on the cyclone to collect fugitive dust. They have purchased a bag house to attach to the cyclone, which will collect the dust particles and convey them into an enclosed bin to be removed. A new safety harness system has been installed on the plant’s roof to allow for safe sweeping and collection of dust on the roof.

Links to meeting minutes can be found here:

Problem Solving Meeting Notes February 8, 2017-not yet available
Problem Solving Meeting Notes Sept 7, 2016
Problem Solving Meeting Notes May 24, 2016
Problem Solving Meeting Notes March 25, 2016
Problem Solving Meeting Notes December 7, 2015

For two weeks in late November/early December, CDPHE, EPA and the ATSDR set up an air quality monitoring device called an E-BAM machine near the Western Excelsior eastern boundary. The device captures data on particulates in the air. The data will be analyzed by the state and other agencies.

Link to Western Excelsior Particulates Blog: