Mancos Marshal’s Office Press Release 10/14/2019

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Mancos Marshal’s Office Press Release:




On 10/5/19 at approximately 1700 hours medical units were dispatched to mile marker 55 for a motorcycle vs. truck accident. On arrival at that location, the 40,000 block of Hwy 160, just west of the town limits, Mancos 3 saw two motorcycles, one damaged, in the eastbound lane of traffic. A male was laying on the ground with several people around him.




On 10/07/19 at 1543 hours, Mancos 3 responded to a reported minor traffic accident call at the intersection of Hwy 160 and Main in the town of Mancos, Montezuma Co., Colorado. On arrival Mancos 3 located two vehicles parked partially in the westbound turn lane on the north side of Hwy 160 on Main (Hwy 184). The vehicle in front was a white Ford truck with a Colorado plate. The vehicle in back was a Silver Nissan SUV with a Colorado plate. The driver of the truck, approached Mancos 3 and said he was driving southbound on N. Main in the 100 block preparing to turn west. He said the SUV pulled out in front of him from the frontage road on the east side of Main. He said he swerved around the truck on the right but the SUV clipped the left rear quarter panel on his truck.

The driver of the SUV said she didn’t see the truck when she pulled out because she was rubbing her eyes. The SUV struck the truck with the front passenger side bumper.




October 12-2019 at approximately 1330 hours, a traffic accident occurred between and oversize load and parked car at the intersection of Main Street and Grand Avenue, within the Town of Mancos, State of Colorado.


Mancos 4 conducted an accident investigation and the semi driver was cited for careless driving.



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