Main Street Open for Business Grant Opportunity

Main Street Open for Business Grant Opportunity
Due to the pandemic, Colorado faces unprecedented unemployment and job loss, particularly in the leisure, hospitality, and restaurant industries – the lifeblood of our historic Main Streets. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs is offering a façade and energy improvement grant program for Downtown Districts across the state that need help recovering from the impacts of Covid and becoming more resilient.
If our downtown Mancos businesses are interested in participating, the Town of Mancos would like to apply for this grant. If you own a commercial building in downtown Mancos and would like to be a part of this grant application, contact Rachael at the Town of Mancos as soon as possible (no later than Aug. 5). This is a one-time opportunity from the Department of Local Affairs.
The Program is Designed To:
● Increase property values and visual appeal
● Increase sales and revenues in rehabilitated buildings
● Reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills
● Increase job retention/creation
Eligible Businesses Include:
Commercial buildings in the traditional downtown district
Examples of Eligible Façade Improvements:
·     Removal of non-historical false fronts
·     Repair or replacement of windows, doors, and cornices
·     Repair or replacement of façade materials
·     Repair or replacement of character defining architectural features
·     Masonry maintenance including tuck-pointing and gentle cleaning of and paint removal from brick (NOT power-washing of brick)
·     New awnings or canopies
·     Permanent signage for business/building
·     Landscaping and parking area improvements that enhance building aesthetics
·     Increased access to businesses (doors, windows, sidewalks) through back alleyway activation
·     Exterior lighting
·     Exterior painting
·     Design and construction costs
·     Exterior access to building (ie. sidewalks, ADA ramps, stairs)
Examples of Eligible Energy-Efficiency Upgrades: *
·     HVAC equipment, particularly electrification
·     Windows, doors and awnings, including restoring inoperable doors/windows to full function
·     Roofing
·     Lighting
·     Insulation
·     Solar panels
·     High efficiency and electric water heaters
·     Energy-efficient lighting (example LEDs)
* Examples of Ineligible Expenses: Removal of historic elements; replacement of historic elements with non-historic alternatives; power washing or sandblasting of brick; new adobe/stucco/false fronts; painting of unpainted brick or other historic material; topically-applied roofing insulation; fire suppression systems; electrical panels; rewiring of the building electrical systems not associated with an improvement.
Other Things to Note:
(This is not a complete list of all grant requirements.)
·     The match requirement is 20% of the individual project costs, or possibly less with demonstrated need.
·     Individual business projects are estimated to average between $10,000 and $150,000.
·     Preference will be given to businesses established prior to the onset of the pandemic and that commit to remaining open for business for at least 6 months after the project’s completion.
·     Vacant building modifications would be considered IF all improvements are completed and business will be operational before the close of the grant cycle (June 30, 2022).
·     Expenses incurred before a grant agreement is fully executed are NOT eligible for reimbursement.
·     All projects must be completed by June 30, 2022.
·     Property must remain free of all municipal and county liens, judgments or encumbrances of any kind for the duration of the term of the agreement.
·      Photo(s) of the structure showing the current condition must be provided
·      Drawings/sketches of proposed improvements must be provided
·      Building owners shall agree at the time of application to maintain the improved façade for a two-year period of time.
·      The DOLA deadline for the first review of applications is August 23, 2021.
For more information on the program and requirements, visit:
Mancos Business Contact Info:
Rachael Marchbanks, Town of Mancos Economic Development Coordinator | (970) 533-7725