Mancos Community Center

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Winter/Spring Community Center Programs

Address: 130 Grand Avenue, Mancos, CO 81328

For information about booking the Community Center, contact Jamie Higgins by phone, 970-533-7725, or email Jamie at



  • All cancellations for the facility must be reported to Town Hall 48 hours in advance for refund consideration.  (970) 533-7725
  • Return completed application with all applicable fees, deposits and proof of insurance to Town Hall, 117 North Main.
  • During the use of the Community Center, you agree to comply with all state, fire and policy rules and regulations and all Town of Mancos laws, codes, ordinances and resolutions either contained herein, now in force or as hereinafter amended or enacted.
  • Alcohol is permitted by authorization of the Town Board through a Town issued Special Events License or a State issued Special Events Permit.
  • The Town of Mancos and its officers and employees will not be liable or responsible for any injury, accident, loss or damage to any person or to any property of any person arising out of your use of the Community Center.
  • Insurance Requirements (Only applies if liquor will be served):
    • You will provide the Town of Mancos with a personal or commercial general liability policy with limits of $300,000 or more.
    • The Town of Mancos will be named as an additional insured, if applicable.
    • A Certificate of Insurance with the foregoing requirements and a paid receipt showing the policy has been paid will be presented to Town Hall with this application.
  • Damage done to the facility during an activity is the sole responsibility of the user/renter and must be reported immediately to Town Hall.
    • All deposits will be considered for refund after the Community Center has been cleaned and inspected for damages.
    • In the event damages occur, the cost of repair or replacement will first be deducted from your deposit.  Should damages and costs exceed the deposit, you agree to reimburse the Town of Mancos for the excess within 30 days from the date of a statement therefore.
  • Renter will meet with a Town representative for a pre-inspection walk through before taking possession of the key, during normal business hours.  The key will be returned to the Town representative during a post-inspection walk through before any deposits will be considered for refund.
  • If you are holding an event during hours when Town Hall is closed, the following contact list is for concerns that require immediate attention only:
    • Terry Jennings (970) 238-0762
    • If you have a health or safety emergency, call 911.
  • All rental priorities are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Town sponsored events shall have first priority in the use of Town owned/managed properties
  • In case of a “community emergency” we reserve the right to terminate the rental/event with or without prior notice.  All deposits/fees will be returned in full.


  • No smoking or illegal drugs are allowed in the facility.
  • No fire exit may be blocked by any decoration, table, platform, etc.
  • Rentals include only what is listed after each option.
  • All options/rentals are subject to a minimum one hour charge.
  • No grease cooking allowed.
  • Leftover food, personal and rental items must be removed immediately following your event.  The Town of Mancos is not responsible for lost, stolen or items left behind.


  1. $100.00 Key deposit – fully refundable upon return of Community Center key
  2. $100.00 Cleaning Fee – refund dependent on post-inspection walk through
  3. Security Deposit – refund dependent on post-inspection walk through
    1. $500.00 When alcohol is permitted