Dog Licensing – Frequently asked questions

Why should I license my dog?
It is a Town of Mancos law that your dog should be licensed. Officers may ticket you if your dog is unlicensed.

Where do I get a license?
The only place to purchase this license is the Town Hall. The rabies tag from your veterinarian is NOT a license.

What do I need in order to get a license?
Proof of current Rabies vaccination (veterinarian’s receipt/certificate) is the only document required to obtain a license. Owners will have to provide the name and address where the dog will be located, an emergency telephone number and the breed and description of the dog.

What does it cost?
License fee are:
$15.00 if the dog is spayed or neutered.
$20.00 if the dog is not spayed or neutered.

How long will the license last?
The license is valid for a maximum of one year and must be renewed annually.

Are there benefits to licensing my dog?
A license will help identify your dog in case he/she is ever lost.
The license fee helps support Animal Control services in the Town of Mancos.
DOG LAWS – Mancos Municipal Code Chapter 7

Dog at Large
Dogs are considered to be running at large within Town limits when:

  1. The dog is off the owner’s property and not on a leash.
  2. The dog is left unattended on public property, whether or not he is on a leash. (No tying to light posts or railings).

License required
It is unlawful for any person or persons to keep, harbor, allow, or suffer any male or female dog of any age to remain or reside within the corporate limits of the town, unless such person or persons shall first obtain a license for such dog or dogs.

Wearing of Tag Required
All dogs shall wear and carry the license tag upon a collar or harness to be worn at all times within the corporate limits of the town. The town board finds and declares any unlicensed dog of any age, any sex running at large within the corporate limits of said town to be a public nuisance; and a danger and detriment to the health, public safety and peace of the town.

A dog shall be considered a nuisance if it damages, soils, defiles, or defecates on private property other than the owner’s or on public walks and recreation areas unless such waste is immediately removed and properly disposed of by the owner, or causes a disturbance by excessive barking or other noise making, or chases vehicles, or molests, attacks or interferes with persons or other domesticated animals on public or private property.

Noisy Animal Deemed Public Nuisance
It shall be unlawful for any owner, possessor, authorized agent of any owner to allow his animal to disturb any person by unreasonable barking, howling, yelping, or vocal sound. In addition to being a violation of this section, the same is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, which may be abated by the court on appropriate order directed to the owner of any animal. The law enforcement officer responding to the complaint shall determine a nuisance or noisy animal.

First Offense – $40.00
Second Offense- $75.00
Third Offense- $150.00
Forth Offense- $250.00

All Owners of unlicensed dogs will be required to obtain licenses and vaccinations on the first offense.
First Offense – $75.00
Second Offense- $175.00
Third Offense- $450.00

All Offenses will require mandatory court appearance.

Any and all fines shall be in addition to related cost for transportation to the authorized dog pound, labor cost for impounding, and any related cost as levied for care at authorized dog pound.

For a complete list of Animal Control Ordinances for the Town of Mancos, Please contact the Marshals Office at 533-1432 or come by 117 N. Main St.