Planning and Zoning

by prpete | June 19, 2014 9:07 pm

Planning and Zoning Commission
The Town Board of Trustees appoints members to serve for staggered terms. The Commission considers all issues related to land use. Beginning in April 2016, regular members of the Planning and Zoning Commission will receive a monthly stipend of $50.00.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Agendas and minutes

Check Your Zoning
The town currently has eight zoning classifications, which detail the land uses allowed in each. The Zoning Map below shows these various districts. For more information on what is allowed in each district, please see the town’s Land Use Code.

Three Mile Plan
The town has adopted a Three-Mile Plan for annexation, which outlines the considerations for annexing new properties into town that fall within a three mile zone of town limits.

Land Use Applications and Fact Sheets (Please review the application and supporting documentation requirements carefully.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.)
Zoning Development Permit: Zoning and Development Permit Application
Sign Permit: Sign Permit Application  Signage Fact Sheet
Special Use Permit: Special Use Application   Special Uses Fact Sheet
Special Exception: Special Exception Application  Special Exceptions Fact Sheet
Temporary Use Permit: Temporary Use Application   Temporary Uses Fact Sheet
Minor Subdivisions: Minor Subdivisions Fact Sheet
Variance: Variance Application   Variance Fact Sheet
Building Envelope Alterations: Building Envelope Alterations Fact Sheet
Accessory Structures: Application for Accessory Structures   Accessory Structures Fact Sheet
Minor Construction Projects: Minor Construction Projects Application    Minor Construction Projects Fact Sheet
Manufactured Homes/Mobiles Homes: Manufactured and Mobile Homes
Accessory Dwelling Units:  Application for Accessory Dwelling Units      Accessory Dwelling Unit Fact Sheet

Agent Letter: Agent Letter


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