Mancos Comprehensive Plan

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The Mancos Comprehensive Plan is a guide for preserving the unique small town character of our community while meeting the diverse needs and changing priorities of our growing population.  For 18 months the Mancos Planning Commission gathered community input through surveys, workshops and public meetings.  Response shows that Mancos residents value diversity, safety, affordability, outdoor recreation, the arts, local economic opportunities, a clean environment, and high quality education and services.  These principles guided the Planning Commission in designing and developing the Comprehensive Plan’s sections on:

  • Sense of Place: Community Character and Design
  • Environment; Infrastructure and Services
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space
  • Future Land Use

The Comprehensive Plan includes analyses of historic trends and existing conditions in each section, and makes recommendations for actions that can be taken in order to promote the community’s values for current and future generations.

Using the Plan

Citizens and Business Owners can use the plan:

  • As a guide for what to expect if and when there’s future development in Mancos.
  • To provide insight into the community’s needs, values, historic trends, and anticipated growth.

Town Staff and Officials can use the plan to:

  • Guide land use and policy decisions.
  • Develop annual work plans.
  • Gauge the Town’s progress in meeting its goals and objectives.
  • Capitalize on the community’s strengths and opportunities.
  • Provide a basis for grant applications.
  • Guide short term and long term capital improvement planning
  • Guide the Town’s long term financial planning
  • Direct future growth to be compatible with the community’s vision

Land Owners and Developers can use the plan:

  • To understand the unique qualities and character of the community that can be assets and resources to their plans
  • As a guide for creating development plans that are compatible with the community’s vision and consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives.