Building Inspections FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

Can the homeowner do their own work?
The homeowner can do their own building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. You will need to contact the state electrical inspector for a permit for the electrical portion of work. Also, state law requires that the property be the homeowner’s primary residence for at least twelve months after completion of work.

What is the footer depth for a foundation?
12” below undisturbed soil.

What is the frost depth in Mancos?
The frost depth is 30”.

What is the snow load in Mancos?
The snow load for roofs is 50 per square foot.

How can I get a permit application?
Applications are available at town hall or can be downloaded from the town website.

How do I schedule an inspection?
Call town hall (533-7725) 24 hrs prior with your name, permit number and address to the inspection to schedule.

Where can I find out about the Building Codes?
The Town of Mancos follows the 2006 International Building Code (IBC). A copy is available at town hall for your review. Codes can also be viewed online by searching “IBC 2006”

Can someone other than the homeowner obtain the permit?
If you are using a contractor, they should obtain the permit as part of the project agreement. The permit holder is the party responsible for the work, and is responsible for scheduling inspections and complying with the pertinent codes.

How long is the permit valid?
The permit remains valid for as long as work is proceeding and an inspection has been performed within the last six months.

When is a building permit required?
Application for a permit is made to the building inspector and a permit shall be obtained prior to commencing any work on any of the following: construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, conversion, or demolition of a building, part of a building or structure. Note that even when a building permit is not required, review for land use (setbacks, lot coverage, etc.) shall be completed by the Planning and Zoning Administrator prior to construction. For information on what type of application is required, see What Application Do I Need?

A building permit is required for the following (for example):

  • Finishing an unfinished area or basement
  • Adding or replacing an existing deck
  • Installation of attic pull down stairs
  • Replacing water or sewer service lines
  • Replacing any fuel fired appliances
  • Building a detached garage or utility structure greater than 200 s.f. in size (however, an Application for Accessory Structure shall be submitted)

A building permit is not required for the following (for example):

  • Ordinary repairs which do not involve any violations to the building code. These include painting, roofing, most glass, most doors, floor coverings, porch flooring, repairs to plaster/drywall or interior tile and other wall covering, residential cabinets, wiring and equipment under 50 volts.
  • Construction of detached accessory structures less than 200 s.f. (including moving and storage containers). Note: these must follow proper setbacks, be structurally sound and be properly anchored. Application for Accessory Structure is required
  • Tents or air supported structures (e.g. yurts) less that 900 s.f. Application for Accessory Structure required
  • Fences and privacy walls that do not exceed six feet above finished grade. Application for Minor Construction Projects required.
  • Swimming pools meeting all three of the following conditions: less than 150 s.f., less than 5000 gallons capacity and less than 24” deep. Pools that fail to meet all three of these conditions require a permit.
  • Reroofing of 1 and 2 family dwellings with same or similar building materials
  • Most wiring and equipment that operates on less than 50 volts (with some exceptions)
  • Replacement of plumbing and electrical fixtures, fittings, appliances, including electric water heaters, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners and similar mechanical equipment, doors and windows with similar capacity in the same location.



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