Code Enforcement

Deputy Jared Farnsworth is the Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Mancos and is responsible for enforcement of the Town’s Code of Ordinances. Codes have been adopted over the years to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all who live, work, or visit in our town. The standards established in the codes ensure a positive effect on property value, community appearance, and neighborhood pride.

Adherence to Town Codes and maintenance of property is the responsibility of each and every citizen. Structures that are not maintained deteriorate, devalue neighborhoods, encourage crime, and contribute to the blight in our community. As the town ages, it becomes even more critical for property owners to be aware of, and comply with, these codes. Code Enforcement provides an effective means of educating and enforcing the Code of Ordinances to ensure that our town ages gracefully.

Code Enforcement protects the health, safety and welfare of all property owners in the Town of Mancos-residents, business, and visitors – establish standards and ordinances which ensure positive effects on property value, community appearance and neighborhood pride – and to partner and network with other communities in our efforts to stay at the forefront of creative and effective code enforcement.

Deputy Farnsworth and the Town of Mancos will work together with citizens to educate and to bring them into compliance with the Town code. Deputy Farnsworth states “as long as people are making reasonable strides to correct violations, they should be fine, but failure to comply with Town Codes will ultimately lead to citations.”