Administrator Update October 2015



October 2015


This Monthly Update is a supplemental report for inclusion in the Town Board of Trustees agenda packet, distributing to the community, and for posting on the Town website. It is for informational purposes. Items herein may or may not warrant Board of Trustees discussion, and do not require action unless noted on the meeting agenda.



Staff and the Board of Trustees have been busy discussing options for next year’s annual town budget. By law, the Town Administrator must introduce a budget to the Board of Trustees for consideration by October 15 and the final budget must be adopted by December 15. The annual budget includes capital expenditures, operating expenditures, and projections of revenues, by fund. The public is invited to participate in this important planning process by attending budget workshops and regular town Board meetings. The introduced budget will be on the town web site for the public to review.



A group of dedicated volunteers has been meeting since July to review the results of a town-wide survey and to research and recommend options on raising livestock animals in town to the Board of Trustees. They have discussed multiple aspects of raising animals, including instituting setbacks, limiting the types of animals that can be raised in town without a permit, and requiring coops or enclosures to protect the animals from predators. The group plans to present these options this month. Next steps would be to draft an ordinance for adoption by the Board and to invite the public to comment.



The $1.1 million water system improvement project is nearing completion. The town’s contractor has installed a 430,000 gallon water storage tank, made upgrades to the pump house, and is working to tie in enlarged water lines and new valves at Hwy 184 and Hwy 160. In addition, the town worked with contractors to install an effluent meter and to install wiring for a backup generator. All of these improvements will help improve the resiliency of the water system and the treatment plant. It is anticipated that this project will be completed by the end of October. Town staff appreciates the understanding of Mancos water customers as water is temporarily shut down to allow for these upgrades to be made.



The volunteer Mancos Trails Group has been working with the Bureau of Land Management to review recreational options for the BLM-owned parcel located northwest of town. This 800-acre parcel is a priority project in the 2012 Mancos Trails Master Plan and the community has expressed interest in creating a trails network there similar to Phil’s World outside of Cortez. The BLM Special Resource Management Area (SRMA) plan calls out this property for future development of non-motorized trails. BLM staff suggested that the town formalize a request for trails because the BLM is currently working on land-use planning and travel plans associated with the SRMA. The Mancos Trails Group has visited the site and is partnering with local equestrian and biking groups to review options at the site. At this time, the group is ready to propose that the site be developed into appropriate trails for hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and mountain biking. Trails could be accessed through an improved trailhead area by the old town dump site on Rd. 39 north. Signage and informational kiosks are needed, in addition to trail development. As the SRMA plans move forward, the Mancos Trails Group will be doing outreach to the community on preferences.