Administrator Update December 2015



December 2015


This Monthly Update is a supplemental report for inclusion in the Town Board of Trustees agenda packet, distributing to the community, and for posting on the Town website. It is for informational purposes. Items herein may or may not warrant Board of Trustees discussion, and do not require action unless noted on the meeting agenda.



On December 9th, the Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on the 2016 Budget. The town’s annual budget sets the spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. Town elected officials and staff have been working on the proposed 2016 budget since August. The Town Administrator proposed the budget document on October 14th and by law, the Board of Trustees must adopt the budget by December 15th. In addition to equipment and supplies, funds for contracted services, and employee payroll, the annual budget includes spending for community priorities such as matching funds for grants to improve utilities infrastructure, community programs and capital items. The Board welcomes public feedback on the budget. Comments can be sent to Andrea Phillips at Town Hall, or citizens can attend the December 9th meeting to speak on this agenda item.



Beginning in January, monthly water rates will increase by $2.50. Base gallons will not change and will remain at the 2015 amount of 7,000 gallons. There will be no change to the water dock rates. This rate increase will help the town to continue to address lagging infrastructure needs in the water treatment and distribution systems. Identified capital needs in 2016 include upgrades to the raw water system including improved headgates, a rebuilt PRV station (pressure reducing valve), and replacement of the worst lines on the southeast side of town. Staff is applying for three different grants to help fund the project. In 2015, the town utilized grant funds, a loan from USDA-Rural Development, and water user fees to complete water infrastructure improvement projects such as construction of a new 430,000 water storage tank, a water line leak detection study, replacement of water valves, and a town-wide water meter replacement project. Recommendations to increase the rates and lower the base gallons allotted per household came from a consulting firm in 2014, which studied the town’s rates and compared them to the town’s capital needs. Not only were the town’s rates lower than the average for towns of similar size, but it was not sufficient to cover operating and capital needs for the water system. Rates are being increased in 2016 per the recommendations of the water rates plan.



Every December, the Town Clerk sends out reminders to Mancos businesses to renew their annual business license with Town Hall. Business licenses should be prominently displayed at the business. For more information, please contact us.



Efforts to reduce particulate matter in the air from the Western Excelsior plant onto neighboring properties are ongoing. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Pollution Control Division is requiring that the company adheres to the standards in an APEN (Air Pollution Emission Notice) Permit and a fugitive particulate control plan. This permit is available now for public comment through CDPHE. This fall, the town and the company partnered to make improvements along the east side of the plant on Monte Street. The open gate that was located at end of Riverside Ave. was relocated to the southeastern corner of the plant’s lot. Town staff created a landscaped berm and windbreak by planting 14 trees in a raised berm. These are fast growing evergreens and poplars that will provide a visual screening and help to stop some of the wind-borne particulates. Starting in early December, a facilitator will guide representatives of the company, CROR (Concerned Residents of Riverside), the town, and Montezuma County in a community problem solving process on this issue. Finally, the town is seeking assistance from CU-Denver Master’s Program in Public Health to conduct a public health impact study. For more information, see the town’s web site at:



Streets Department employees will be plowing snow around town according to a snow removal plan. Major routes such as Grand Avenue and Main Street are plowed first. They will receive at least one pass to allow emergency vehicles to travel. They will then receive additional plowing to open up the road. Other residential and secondary streets are then addressed, and alleys and cul-de-sacs are plowed last. Please heed town trucks and equipment when on the road so that they can be as efficient as possible. Residents are encouraged to park vehicles in driveways during snow events, when possible. This allows trucks to plow the street from curb to curb. Finally, as a friendly reminder, it is the duty of the adjacent property owner to remove snow and ice from sidewalks.



On Friday, December 11th, town staff and elected officials will prepare and serve a free holiday dinner to the Mancos community from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Community Center. This is a fun event with Santa, great food, and friends. There are many more holiday events happening throughout the month of December. A schedule of events can be found at Town Hall or online at or